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The Full Story

CCH Pools reopened in 2015 in name of Coastal Pool Center. Derek Ehinger worked side by side with Coastal Pool Center's owner Craig for years, helping him with all of his electrical repairs. After Craig passed, Derek chose to carry on with the pool business and service that Craig provided here in San Luis.

You may be wondering how CCH POOLS got its name. Well, CCH stands for Catalina, Cambria, and Harmony Jo – the three daughters of Derek. The hope is that, one day, the three sisters will team up to keep the family business thriving and provide excellent service to the community they grew up in.

CCH POOLS is a family-owned and operated business that has a passion for delivering high-quality pool services. We believe that customer satisfaction is everything, and we always aim to exceed our client's expectations. You can trust us to provide the best service there is, at a competitive and fair price. Our team of professionals is always learning and improving, so we can provide better services. When you choose CCH POOLS, you are choosing a company that truly cares.

Established in 1973, Restablished in 2015.

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